Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Time for changes

As the world continues to war against this virus and political division I could no longer watch it unfold on Facebook. Daily I logged on with dread. Friendships falling apart over the silliest if things, families arguing, the division is times I got sucked peace was gone...I would get my wind again only to see the next big was to much...I am hopeful that by journaling my perspective here I can keep my sense of peace but also share what this pandemic is like from my reality. I am hopeful to write at least weekly if not more often.

Until next time....


Maybe the pandemic is a way for some of us to be still, be quiet and to reflect...maybe it’s a time of shifting and change...maybe it’s a way to let go of what you were, so that you can become what you’re meant to be! Maybe it’s a time of letting go of the old and embracing the new, finding out what path is meant for you and getting off the path that you were told was for you. Maybe it’s a time for new beginnings, new friendships, a new way of looking at things....maybe...maybe it’s a time refreshment, renewal and revitalization...maybe it’s time for your energy to shift to higher things...Embrace this time as positive to your growing spiritually, emotionally and as a human being. As chaos surrounds us, cling to that which brings you peace and helps center you.

Let’s be better!

I walked through my garden this morning after a nice little rain shower and noticed it’s getting tired...things are winding down and soon this season will be’s work will be done. My squash and zucchini have been over run by squash bugs, but that’s ok we’ve gotten plenty of squash and zucchini for us. Cucumbers have slowed to a crawl...tomatoes and peppers are still going strong admist the heat and lack of rain...they stand strong...with rain and cooler temps moving in I’m sure they will do even better!

As I sat there looking at the garden I was reminded of us, people, society....we are in a storm right now...the heat is turned up and there’s no relief in sight...we are getting tired.....we have the right and left and those in the middle...we have talking heads that say nothing of any usefulness ...As I look at my tomato plants, standing tall, still being productive inspite of the trials, it was a reminder that in the midst of our trials we need to stand tall...we need to be concerned with where we’re going and not where we’ve tomatoes and peppers focus on their job, their place in the garden...they give very little, if any energy to the cucumbers or tomatoes are focusing all their energy into themselves and what their purpose is, and producing the fruit they are meant to produce...if they focused all their energy on the squash that is dying they would be spending energy that they can’t afford to spend...their fruit would not make and even if it did, it would not be the quality it should be...When we, humans, maintain focus on what’s not right in our life, with the not so kind people in our life, in our society we get sucked in and can’t be productive...I’m not saying bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is ok, I’m saying make sure your energy is directed at staying healthy and focused on your purpose. Quit giving your energy to the negative, nothing good to say, everything is bad kinda stuff...We need to be aware as to what’s going on, but if we constantly dwell on the negative and what’s wrong we lose sight of what’s right....our fruit, our light, our ability to be productive will be diminished and we will begin to wilt, wither and die without ever being all we can be and producing the fruit we are meant to produce! I challenge each of you for one week focus on all that is good, right and positive! At the end of the week you will feel freer and more in control of your life! Soon all this will all pass and hopefully we’re better because of it.