Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Inside my heaven

Most will never understand the peace I have here. It’s something I can’t really put into words. When we first visited this land in 2008 I knew it was special, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace on this slice of earth. I’ve never lost that feeling. It’s almost a feeling of  sacredness. I walked down from the house to visit my precious little goats and was overcome with emotion...the emotion of pure joy. I love this life, my life, the farm life...it’s a way of life many have no clue about anymore. I felt the pull to leave facebook just for my own sanity. There was/is so much negativity, political turmoil and hate that I was losing sight of what's important....peace, peace is important no matter whats going on around you!  Will I ever return to facebook? I don't know. My life is full at this time. I need to focus on our goals here at this homestead. Things aren't going to get any easier...I need, we need to keep our focus and maintain our peace during these turbulent times. 
This kind of lifestyle has been lost to concrete and corporations. Money has become more important than peace and happiness. It's really a tragedy.
As I walked I took a few pictures. Here they are.

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