Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Where to begin...

It's been so long so since I've blogged here. So much has changed yet so much has remained the same.Iam hoping to get back to blogging it is so therapeutic for me. I miss it. Being on facebook i've just let this slide.

So, after a long break from "farming" ...last spring we added back in some chickens and some's been good for me. There are days I still struggle with the death of my best friend and I can find my solace in my critters and my garden. My life has had more "noise" than I like the past few months with being on facebook...all the drama, negativity and censorship has really taken its toll on me. I am contemplating leaving there and focusing more on my blogging. Blogging is a way for me to deal with my feelings. Time will tell....

So this year we had a pretty good garden. I focused a lot on herbs. I am learning a lot about different herbs and their uses for medicine as well as other things. I did pretty good growing a decent herb garden this year and i'm already looking forward to expanding next year. This past season we did container gardening and it worked well for us. Much easier to care for with a decent yield. That too will be expanded next season.

We had goat babies born early spring, 2 does and a buck. We re-homed the buckling and our buck and right now only have 3 does with one expecting. She was bred before we re-homed the boys. I am hoping for doelings from her. Goats bring me a great deal of joy. Their antics are forever making me smile and giggle. It does the soul good.

I've been making candles and a variety of different things of that nature just to give me something constructive to do, i've enjoyed these things for years but have just just recently thought about making a business out of it....seems there's a lot of competition in the market and of course drama as with anything. I prefer to just be inspired and do my own thing, no need to copy cat others but that seems the norm these days. I wonder what happened to creativity and originality in people? Seems it's been lost.

I am still studying different religions and finding my own truth. Spending so many years in a religion that never allowed for different views this has been a hard, but eye opening journey for me. Seems everything I ever thought I knew has been tossed to the wind. All other religions, I was taught were evil and of the "devil" I am finding is not true. Most religions are very peaceful and mindful of other beliefs. I am finding Christianity to be the most troublesome of all religions. I really hate to put that in writing but I am finding the judgment and ignorance in that religion mind blowing. I know many many good Christians but coming from the life I came from I also know many many bad ones. I'm not sure where I will "land" in all of this but I am very drawn to Buddhism. I just love the peace of it all. The focus on being in nature and mindfulness is something I've always been drawn to. I love the focus of working on oneself  and not trying to convert others to a different way of thinking.....I have since a childhood been in love with the outdoors and all things nature. In my "old church" I was likened to a witch because of my love of  nature....Crazy, crazy stuff...I am now free to embrace my love and reverence of nature without feeling like I am sinful or destined to hell. I'm not sure i'll fully be able to get over the hurt I felt over all that....soon I will share that story as I feel ready to shed light on abusive Christianity. 

I'll sign off for now, but promise I'll be back soon...I miss blogging so much....

Be Mindful,