Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Private people

 It’s another beautiful day here, a bit cooler in temps than I like but that’s ok...I have things I can do inside. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy and private people..private people are so misunderstood. They are often thought of as they have something to hide, they are anti social, maybe mentally ill...most outgoing people just can’t grasp that private people are just that...private! We simply enjoy our own company, we don’t think it necessary to share every aspect our our life with just everyone. Often times however private people have withdrawn due to bad experiences with others. Maybe they were bullied, or as a child they never felt heard so they just figure why speak or share...most are introverts that struggle with to much stimulation around them. They are often misjudged as being stuck up or not friendly. That is rarely the case. Most private introverted people have a lot to say. Most are intelligent and well studied. Why? Well, because we spend a great deal of time in our heads and reading anything we can find on any subject that sparks our interest. Private people find peace in their privacy. They enjoy just existing in peace and quiet and as little drama as possible. When drama does arise for them it’s absolutely horrific...they struggle immensely with getting settled again. Their privacy is their sanctuary. When someone pushes them to share aspects their life it is very off putting. I was told not long ago it was hard to be my friend because I was “closed off”. That really stung and I can’t get those words off my mind. The truth is I am a very loyal friend. I keep what you tell me to myself. I value your privacy as I value mine. I don’t understand why people feel as though you have to share all details of your life to be a friend. When I have tried to open up and discuss what’s important to me I get ignored or glossed over. So that tells me that  person is not someone really wanting to be my friend but to pry and be nosey. I’m not good with  small talk....I like deep meaningful conversation...that’s hard to find in the world we live in...I prefer phone calls to text or private messenging and in our electronic world no one does that much anymore...that’s hard for me too ...I guess when I blog I can put it all out there and feel ok with it. I always ask the “powers that be” to send even one person that needs to read what I write to make them feel better and know they are not alone.  If you read this and can relate feel free to comment and let me know! It’s always nice knowing others get it.

Until Next Time...

Remember it’s ok to be you!