Saturday, March 27, 2021

Unplug and find peace

This morning I got up extra early and started my day. It was quiet in the house as I started my coffee. My thoughts were positive and I smiled to myself as I smelled my coffee brewing. I am blessed! As the sun rose so did the dogs so I let them out and it smelled so nice outside, just does my heart good to see the green the grass, the blue sky, to hear the birds singing and my flowers in bloom and smell the earthy smell of springtime. I love my slow paced life and I think I appreciate more this year than I ever have. I had my coffee then ventured out to fill my bird feeders...when it warms a bit more I’ll go sit outside and just enjoy the sunshine. Being outside centers me, it is my home...I think even as a small child I had this odd connection to the outdoors like it’s where I belonged. Amongst the trees there is no judgement, in the woods there is no nature there is only what is....sitting on the earth there is’s just tune with where you came from...the earth...we are connected...I sit outside barefoot with my feet on the ground, I feel the cool dampness and it awakens my soul with a feeling joy...It grounds me and for that time I am unplugged from all that worries me, all that hurts me, all that brings my heart sadness...I often wish I could stay outside forever in that place...but I can’t, so I enjoy the time I have and carry the peace with me throughout my day...when things bring negativity I often go outside to get away from it...take some time today to be listen to what nature has to say...unplug, sit on the ground barefoot soaking up the grateful for all that you are and all that you have...and remember YOU are enough!

Until next time...


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