Monday, December 28, 2020


I'd like to reintroduce myself to those that are new here. I am a 50+ year old woman that lives in the woods, very rural. I love to garden, both herbs and veggies, I love animal husbandry, peace and solitude. I do not subscribe to any one religious belief but believe we should follow the path that calls the loudest to our souls. I did however subscribe to the christian faith for almost 50 years. This blog is nothing more than a collection of my life's journey. I started it when my dad was ill. If you like to catch up and read past post, look to your right there you will see where it says blog archive. Go down to 2016, click/tap that and then scroll all the way to the bottom, there you will find my very first post. If anything from my past offends your sensibilities I am sorry, but it was/is my life from my perspective. From there you can go up and read all the way to today by clicking the dates on the right. So with that said I want to begin by a short reflection on this last year.

What can I say...LOL...been a helluva year for sure. I think we have experienced every emotion a human can have this year. For me its been about learning. Learning more about who I am, what I want out of the rest of my life, learning about other people which has been the hardest. I am moving back to blogging after a long time of thinking and trying to make face book work for me. I finally realized that at this time in my journey I am not face book material. 

See, facebook reminds me of the high school or college parties. Loud, way to loud music, obnoxious drunk people(minus the drunk), lights, everyone talking and no one listening. There are cliques of the cheerleaders, the preps, the jocks, the in betweens and the nerds. I fall into the nerd category...LOL...I am typically in real life quiet & reserved...I tend to take things in. I am the one in the corner with the rbf that everyone thinks is hateful or stuck up when in reality I am very uncomfortable. I am assessing the situation, feeling it out, feeling the vibes. If I am comfortable around you I am very outgoing and talkative. Facebook for me is the same as a loud party only with adults and on a much larger scale than high school or college and you should be dealing with mature adults...LOL...I see the same dynamics though....Everyone posting and commenting but no one is really listening to what anyone is saying, people just want to push an agenda. Everyone wants to be right, but unfortunately most of the time no one is! People will ask a question such as Why is this_____ or how is this________. Being the naive nerd I am, I answer honestly and truthfully only to be attacked and told why I am wrong...It happens all the time to people like me. We are really only trying to have an intelligent and meaningful conversation with the person that posed the question but in reality they just wanted to get likes or attention. Or you post something personal and you get told its not right....feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are.... I am not like that and things like that steal your peace and make you feel terrible. People like this bait others into answering a question only to tell them they are wrong or make fun of them and have their bully friends join in. Yep! Not for me. So I have decided in order to keep my peace I must exit the party. My peace is far more important to me than facebook especially in these trying days. We have far bigger things to focus on. :0)

Blogging gives me a sense of quiet and joy. I can come over here, away from the noise. I don't have BS clogging up my feed or yet another baited question or seeing the gaslighters do their thing. It's quiet.

I want to be a beacon of light in these dark times. I certainly do not in any way have all the answers, but my hope is that you can glean some tidbit of wisdom from my thoughts and ruminations. My hope that is amongst the chaos in the world you can come here and find peace, solace and hope.

I also will offer no apologies for my typos or grammatical errors....I do not blog professionally. :o) I may post things from all religious affiliations, again I offer no apologies. I am accepting of all beliefs. If they go against my moral and ethical code of life, I move on and let them be. I hope you all can do the same. It tend to lean buddhist but do not subscribe to that philosophy 100%. So just know you may see things like that from time to time if you choose to read here.

In the upper left you will find a "follow by email" link. You can enter your email and get my post in your inbox once you verify your subscription so be sure to look for the email to verify, check your junk mail folder. Please feel free to comment kindly on any post here. But know I will not tolerate hate of any kind. If you do not like what I write you can simply unsubscribe to my blog. :0)

Love and Light!

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