Sunday, August 9, 2020

A wonderful week

It was a wonderful week here on the homestead. The garden was productive and so were we. As the pandemic ravages the country and political divide infects every aspect of life, we, are untouched in so many ways. I managed to stay positive and focus on all the goodness and blessings in my life. I enjoy sitting outside with my coffee and admiring the trees, the blue sky and the birds....I watch in amazement as I see the hummingbirds stop by for a quick bite...I see the bees and I am grateful for their contribution to our little really is good inspite of all that’s going on. While life is somewhat different during these times, I find I enjoy being home more than ever before....I’m blessed to have a home and place that offers respite from the storm....I know with time life will return to somewhat normal, but this is a time we won’t soon forget...I’m hopeful many take this time to reflect on what really important in life...I know we’ve learned many lessons during our time at post I’ll discuss some the greatest lessons.

Stay safe-

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