Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Introversion and life

Hello again! We are alive and well here on the homestead. We still know people struggling with covid but most are doing well and we are hopeful for a full recovery for all! Positive thoughts and vibes to you all and anyone you know struggling with covid as well!

Over the past weeks i've spent much time in thought...had a discussion with a couple of respected people about introversion. People that are not introverts simply do not understand it. We are not depressed, sad, angry, suffer from social anxiety in the true sense of the word, we don't hate other humans(most days :o). We are simply ok with our own company and with the people that we feel the most comfortable with. I spend tremendous amounts of time at home by choice. I have a vehicle, I have money and I have time to go do things like shopping....I simply don't want to, until I do. I am not living in fear of Covid, although I respect the hell out of it and what it can do. I just like being alone. I am very content being in my own home and on my own property doing my own thing. I socialize as I see a need & not as society demands I do. So many people in our world do things out of pressure to fit in, to be accepted, liked, loved and admired. They act a certain way, do things they think are acceptable to the masses all so they appear "normal". These are the people overwhelmed with anxiety...these are the people that are the addicts, hateful, judgmental people....They are miserable and cannot admit it. 

See, I used to be that way...I worked, went to college, was the life the party, everyone loved me...except me...I would go home after all that and be miserable...I was tired, depressed, drained and hated my life...but, I kept it up because it's what society dictated to me and I believed was the way of life. In my early 30's life changed when my grandmother passed away. It was very hard but it was also then that I realized the life I was living was not the life I wanted. We had brick home in the suburbs, we both worked, we had 2 nice vehicles, we were by worldly standards living the dream...BUT we were not happy...we were simply going through the motions...At 35 we sold our home and moved deep into the country...that's were the story of life really begins...That's when things simplified...that's really when my mindful journey began even though I didn't realize it until many years later. So here I am, almost 20 years later, still making sense of peace, joy, happiness and mindful living. I certainly don't have all the answers to life's questions, but I do understand the benefit of stillness and quiet. Most people don't like quiet because to them its boring. Quietness is a blessing. It is where the answers lie, it is where we begin to find wisdom and figure out who we really are....

It is in the quiet stillness we hear the most....

We hear that still small voice...when we ask the questions, that small voice will answer...sadly most people do not want the answers, the real answers, the hard answers...the answers that matter...they want the answers that stroke their ego and feels good...they want the answers that align with their own ideals...they want answers that will further their selfish agenda...We only need to look as far as social media to see that. When we take the time to just be still, to be quiet to listen, then will we learn and grow.

I love the spring time and the newness of everything. I spend hours a day outside, sitting, thinking, listening, and pondering...I find nature has profound wisdom if we only listen to her...The birds singing show the beauty in a simple song, the flowers teach us to always turn our faces towards the sun and feel the warmth of the light, the trees teach us to stand tall even in the midst of the storms, the squirrels teach us to gather and store for the hard times, the earth helps ground us and keep us much to learn from the mother(nature). Sadly most are to busy to stop and take it all in....Introverts are full of things to say, they know far more than most understand...they are not all the things others think they are....they are the sages, the prophets, the shaman, the wise ones...don't dimiss them...they are not crazy, depressed or sad...If an introvert lets you in their world, keep them...they rarely let anyone in so just know if you are in their are there for a attention!

Much love and light,

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