Saturday, February 20, 2021

Just checking in :0)

 We are doing well in spite of the frigid temps and snow. We've stayed home through it all and just enjoyed being quiet. The critters fared well too. In the next couple of days I will be posting some pondering's I've had during this time of being shut in. 

I am looking so forward to spring. We have many plans this year. Our biggest plan is to get our land paid off and then do a complete house remodel. Farm man(hubby) would like to retire from his job and be able to stay home and enjoy the quiet life on the homestead. We can do that if we can get our land paid off this year.

We plan on adding a few more critters this spring...hoping for some baby goats for bottle feeding, a sow and a boar for breeding. We will be processing out one the pigs in the very near future. We will do it all here rather than having it done. Our plan is to turn it all into sausage. Sausage can replace beef in many dishes so that's our plan. I will be documenting it with video as we do it. I think given what we are going through, the pandemic as well as political upheaval it's just time to become as self sufficient as one can be. I used to blog quite often about preparedness on my old blog but over the years just kinda quit. We are still very much into being prepared for mishaps just not the way we once were. Our kids are working on moving over here as well. It will be nice to have the younger men help farm man. As we age things get a bit more difficult, the help will be much appreciated. I think community living with like minded people is a great thing in times of trouble. We all need help and many hands make light work as they say. *smile*. One other plan we have is to begin a you tube channel, a video diary if you will of our homestead endeavors here on our little slice of heaven. We are hoping for projects like a decent sized rain catchment system for the garden, expanding our garden area, planting more fruit trees, adding more bees, etc... we would like to video document our progress on these things. Hope y'all would watch!

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Light

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